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Month: March 2019

Cities On The Rise

If you want a change of scenery from small-town life to something more metropolis, more mature, more exciting, you’re likely to dream about a move to The Big Apple, The Windy City, or The City of Angels. Lots of people do it every day. But talk about culture shock. There’s a completely different pace and rhythm to a large city like New York or LA. It’s a rat race unlike any of rural America. Aside from the aesthetic, though, the cost of living is astronomical. So much so, that artists who live in these areas to pursue their creative...

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A Summation of Migration

We’ve come a long way from the thirteen original colonies. For one, our nation now stretches from sea to shining sea. But we’ve also changed patterns and reasons for our migration. The 1800s brought the Louisiana Purchase and many great movements west. At first to resettle the Native American tribes, then as immigrants from Ireland and other parts of Europe poured in from overseas. The industrial revolution and whispers of gold drove the most adventurous or ones with nothing left to lose to strike out in search of fortune and a better life. Shortly after WWI America experienced the...

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Moving To A New City

There’s nothing quite as exciting as packing up and moving cross-country to a different city. There’s also nothing more panic-inducing than packing up and moving cross-country to a different city. The possibilities and challenges combine to make for a very stressful, yet rewarding experience. New opportunities and friends you haven’t met yet await in a land ripe for adventure and discovery. But how do you make it not-so-anxiety-ridden? Well, here’s a place to start… Social Media The world is undoubtedly more connected now than ever before. Your friends from high school can be scattered literally anywhere in the world...

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You’re moving!

You’ve accepted a new career position in a new city. You and your sweetheart have made it past the altar and are ready to cross that new threshold into a place of your own. Or maybe you’re just ready for the next great adventure. Whatever spurs this whirlwind of a life change, moving can be an absolute pain. You never really know how much stuff you’ve accumulated over the years until it’s time to move. Packing up your life provides a unique opportunity to reassess the things that have come into your life and their necessity to your daily...

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