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The mere thought of starting off at a new place makes people break into a cold sweat. When this anxiety is combined with the task of moving and packing, people’s angst levels are at an all-time high. The first and foremost thought is about the moving company to zero in on for the unavoidable task. Well, you have a reliable, fully licensed, efficient and experiences moving company to rely on during such times. We are Moving Pro USA, a five year old premium long distance moving company which holds customer satisfaction in the highest esteem and which has been established by an enterprising couple having more than 20 years of experience in the field of moving and packing.


We guarantee our customers not only a hassle free experience but also an affordable one. We realize that each of our customers are different and have unique requirements so our highly skilled and efficient staff makes sure each of the individual needs and wants are heard and successfully met. We will help you in creating an inventory of your goods and on the basis of that, offer you a guarantee price or quote that will remain constant throughout the moving process. While many companies get busy adding additional costs here and there with an aim to mint as much money as possible, we lock the deal with our clients’ right from the begging with a very fixed and cost effective price.

Unrivaled customer service offered.

The staff at Moving Pro USA has undergone thorough training in the art of moving, packing and storing in such an expert way that no item is damaged and they are all securely delivered. We offer services such as packing and unpacking, box delivery, creation of photo inventory, disposal and cleaning, locksmith and security services, extra insurance coverage and carpentry services. Our experts have been trained to take care of and safely carry precious objects such as fragile items, antiques, valuables, art, etc. We will never add up any additional charges for a delay in the moving as the delay could happen due to our over cautious nature of handling the items. Although customers have the option of packing their stuff on their own with their own materials, it would be preferable to hand it over to us as your belongings deserve special, secure kind of packing that can make them withstand the long truck journey. Even if customers choose to pack on their own, we are ready to help out with extra supplies such as tape, wraps or boxes in case they fall short, which they mostly do.

No more tension or hassle when you hire Moving Pro USA

Long distance moves are generally more nail biting for people. However, our logistics and planning strategies are such that our staff remains present at both places and coordinates in a smooth manner that will make customers relax and let us take over the whole process in west hollywood ca.